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We support talented children and youth who have not had opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. In addition, we are an “adoptive parent” of the association Usmej sa na mňa (usmejsanamna­.sk). Members of the civic association actively create opportunities for integration of children with hearing, visual, mental or physical disabilities into the society. They are extraordinary children who develop new abilities thanks to their parents, teachers and doctors.

A significant part of our sponsor activities is directed to sports. We help in developing hockey, volleyball and basketball within the region of Eastern Slovakia. We were among first donors who contributed donations to completing the sports arena in Kosice.
We are a long-term supporter of Slovak motor sport and we help to create conditions for upbringing and growth of talented racers. Also thanks to our activities we have successful representation on domestic and world competition.
The 9th place of Jozef Beres jr. on World Championship in Rally Monte Carlo in 2004 is one of significant achievements. He was repeatedly the absoluted winner on World Championship from 2008 till 2011.
The young rider Martin Koči participated in selected races in Greek, Finland and Germany. He was the winner in the Championship in Czech republic 2012 – class 3 in Rally Sprint. For more information visit the website styllex.com.